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Garage Door Repair McKinney, Texas

Garage Door Repair McKinney, TX – Because garage doors catch the eye of every passerby, you want yours to be looking good and complimenting your home.  A new garage door installation from The Garage Door Man can make this happen.  As a garage door service in McKinney, TX., our reputation for the fastest service and best prices precedes us.

According to an online survey, 71 percent of homeowners who replaced their garage door believed it would increase the value of their home.  Real estate agents estimate the listing price of a home with an upgraded, stylish garage door at 1% – 4% higher in market value compared to homes without garage doors or garage doors that need repair.  That means the home value increased by an average of $7,000 with a new or repaired garage door, based on the average cost of a home.

During severe weather conditions, a reinforced garage door will protect your home against powerful winds and maintain the integrity of your home.  If you decide to hire a professional for a new garage door installation in McKinney, The Garage Door Man delivers the absolute latest technology in installations.  When a power surge strikes, the latest accessories will give the garage door opener a backup battery system for continued usage.

The Garage Door Man, a professional garage door service company in McKinney, TX., will take the time to help you find a garage door that expresses your personal tastes and fits the style of your home.

Is the technology behind your garage door too old or damaged?  The Garage Door Man can perform motor repairs that will leave your garage door working like new.  We will ensure your garage door opens and closes quickly and quietly, just like you’d expect.

If we discover that your garage door issues are associated with your garage door opener, we will replace the device immediately, saving you time and money from having to perform a complete garage door repair or replacement.

The Garage Door Man is your reliable and professional garage door company in McKinney, Texas.

Areas we provide garage door repair and garage door installation services:

  • McKinney
  • Dallas
  • Collin
  • Denton County

As a professional garage door company in McKinney, TX., we have often witnessed people underestimating the significance of their garage doors to a home’s curb appeal and function.  This is especially true if you purchase or build a home that features a three-car garage.  However, only about 20% of new single-family homes built today will feature a three-car garage.

Would you like to guarantee a smooth, safe, and fully operational garage door for your home?  If so, you may want to consider one of our routine maintenance plans for garage doors.  Having a knowledgeable professional from The Garage Door Man in McKinney, TX. perform yearly routine maintenance will increase the longevity of your garage door.

If your garage door dates back to before January, 1999, then your home could probably benefit from a new garage door installation.  Also, few people realize that federal law requires that infrared light beams be installed along the bottom tracks of garage doors for safety.  The beam will sense if are in the path of the closing door, and if so, the garage door will stop automatically in order to prevent damage or injuries.

What else does The Garage Door Man offer?

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Unparalleled Industry Expertise
  • Dedication to World-Class Garage Door Services
  • Dependability

Need a garage door repair in McKinney, TX?   The Garage Door Man is standing by waiting for your phone call.  Our professionals understand the inconvenience and frustration of owning a garage door that’s damaged or simply doesn’t work.

When this happens to you, it’s time to call The Garage Door Man in McKinney, Texas!

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